im a squidder

The Snorks is a cartoon from the 80s that came on the Disney Channel. It had a large fan-following who affectionaly identified themselves as "Squidders".

It's about underwater gangs, guns, money and friendship. It is basically a more hardcore and better version of the Smurfs. In fact it's so hardcore the Disney Channel took it off the air because its target audience wasn't Duke Nukem.

The reason why the show is called "The Snorks" is because when they're sleeping they yell words and, the only word they yell that isn't a cuss word is "Snork" , which acually isn't a word. The creators tried to make the name one of the cuss words but, Disney Channel did not approve.


All-Star "Tart" Seaworthy (voiced by Drew Pickles) - The dimwitted leader. He used his Uncle to invent things to impress his really ugly girlfriends. Tart is toot and fart mixed!

Casey "Ugly Boy" Kelp (voiced by Hayley from "American Dad") - All-Star's main girlfriend of the series. She thinks she knows everything about being nice and polite. She is bald on the top of her head and makes no lady-like effort to cover it.

Dimmy Finster (voiced by John Madden) - He's an excellent comedian. He was probably one of the better characters. He could eat a shitload of food without gaining an ounce. He left the show in season 3 and went on to pursue other projects such as starring in The Incredible Universe of Chewinggum.

Junior Wetworth (voiced by the Nestle Quick Rabbit) He was the richest snork around. He sold chocolate milk.

Rootin' Tootin' Tooter Shelby (voiced by Harpo Marx) He made ice cream sundaes. He wasn't handicapped he was special. He toots

Commodore Nougat (voiced by Karl Marx.) Soviet Secret Agent. (Arvhive footage) He tried to get super secret underwater Intellingence when All-Star's Uncle's Grandpa (ASUG for short) but he always failed because of ASUG. (All he really wanted to do was to over through Stalin, but ASUG didn't care.)