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the rake artwork

The Rake by TheIckyMan

A sketch of the Rake

The Rake is a strange human-like creature that has been sighted all across the entire world since the early ages of mankind. It is reported to have long large razor sharp nails and grayish dirty skin with dark black eyes that glows white in the dark. The creature is still yet unknown on what it is but it is possible it can be an alien or demon. He is also claimed to be about 6 feet tall or so. He stands on two legs but he mostly crawls on the ground. His body is all bent and deformed as if he were hit by a car. His voice is is strange and in-human.

There were also many articles and creepypastas about this horrifying creature. Many people who have encountered this creature seem to have trouble sleeping or killing themselves. This creature is known for attacking or killing any type of person/animal that gets in its way. This creature has also been video taped several times but it is very uncommon for videos of the rake to appear anywhere today. Although many sighings and reports if this creature are still going strong.

This creature seems to visit people when they fall asleep. The creature is known for eating meat and mainly coming out when the sun goes down. This creature is very silent and seems to make very stiff movements. The rake has also rumored to be working with yet another monster known as HIBBIT. Although nobody knows who/what HIBBIT is but it is believed to be the boss or leader of the rake. A theroy of HIBBIT is that HIBBIT could actually be part of the rake's race. It is possible that they can both be working on a mission to kill us all.

The rake is also known for stalking a group of people called everymanHYBRID. EverymanHYBRID is a special group that seems to be stalked by the rake. Nobody knows the actually answer why the rake and slender man follow that group besides theory's. Although there are many things that are still unknown about this strange creature that hopefully sometime we can answer but until now....we can only wait.
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